2018 - 2019

plaster, iron oxide, sea salt and time

variable dimensions

This series is formed by sculptures that arise from the set of multiple molds accumulated over time. The title refers to the technique of making these volumes. The molds of natural elements or remains of objects collected during walks are joined into precarious way, to form empty volumes. Various materials are poured into the spaces up to the volume level. The opening of the mold reveals the forms, which like an archaeological find, give light to objects that are often incomplete and deformed. In this logic these sculptures are placed between the objects being created and rediscovered. To feed the distance from my authorship and the sense of self-generative randomness, during the first month of the realization the sculptures undergo a process of oxidation only partially under my control. In fact, this physical reaction allows the emergence of salts on the surface, which create corrosions and blooms, as well as color changes.