Project realized thanks to the residences exchange between

Bòlit, Centre d’Art Contemporani Girona - Rad’Art project / Arteco Italy.

Imago is a Latin word which means portrait, image, apparition, dream, vision, trick picture or hallucination. For the Bòlit residency I’ve tried to connect myself with the city of Girona and its community through the themes of memory and authenticity. IMAGO, Girona project is based on the idea of realizing a city portrait, as much real as possible, starting from the opinions that the residents have of it. I’ve asked some inhabitants to tell me about the city. From sharing these personal memories I’ve discovered that the economy of the city, primarily based on tourism, is encouraging the development of a forged story than the real history. This is how legends and fictional characters are being born. Monsters and false proofs are created just to intrigue and increase the entertainment of the tourists. Furthermore, in the field of architectural restoration, it has allowed inconsiderate interventions towards the authenticity and antiquity of the historical buildings. Over the years it was condoned restoration and reconstruction of ancient buildings according to principles of stylistic idealization rather than support the aesthetic and functional observance of the authentic building features. Reflecting on this strange inclination supporting the artificiality I was looking for authentic proofs of the past into urban areas (letters, symbols and engravings on the stone with which Girona buildings were built) and into natural environment around the city (volunteer plants and flowers). I wanted to find out authentic proofs of the real past, which slowly are concretely disappearing from the reality and also from the younger generations memory. The project is been developed with sculptures, drawings, photos and a video documentary that illustrates the process of creation.