silicone rubber

150 x 300 cm

When I was in Malta for a residency I discovered the tensions between Mdina and Valletta, the ancient and the contemporary capital of the isle. This tensions which continues till the present days, dates back to 1530 when the Order of Saint John arrived in Malta to set them up definitively. The nobility of Mdina, which mainly lived in the silent city and possessed royal fiefs, were very hostile to the Order. In fact the aristocracy prevent the knights passing the city door. This is one of the reasons why Valletta was built from the Order. The official history tells that the aristocracy accepted the Order. Of this interpretation there is a painting realized in 1750 by Antoine De Favray. This painting was commissioned precisely to distort the fact and change the historical memory on that event. Thinking on this fabrication of history and on the continued tensions between Mdina and Valletta I’ve decided to create a symbolic connection between the two cities moving a symbol of Mdina into Valletta. Section of the external wall of the St Peter in Chains church was traced and moved to Valletta as call for reconciliation between the two capitals.