plaster, iron oxide,

sea salt, mushrooms, time

 30 x 25 x 25 cm

Natural culture is part of titled Archaeological series. In this group of works I started to explore the relationship between man and nature, in particular the relationship between the cultural product of man (such as the remains of works of art, the scraps of material processing etc ..) and the natural elements. The proximity of these shapes and textures creates short circuits in the memory, awakens memories and at the same time stimulates curiosity in discovering new forms and connections within the sculptures. In natural cultures the real presence of two mushrooms determines the meaning of the work; a culture that becomes natural again because it is nature itself that regains it.

Work acquired from the collection of Mendrisio Museum of Art, Switzerland


First prize at Young Artists Award 2019

Synesthesia in the art world

Fondazione Macconi, Mendrisio  Switzerland