red marble / acer palmatum var. dissectum atropurpureum 
red travertine / arbutus unedo 

portugal pink marble / phytolacca americana 
juparana classic granite / trametes versicolor 

travertino romano / hydrangea aspera 
yellow travertine / trametes versicolor 

calacatta marble / hydrangea cinerea 
marmo carrara/ lavandula angustifolia 

black marquina marble/phytolacca americana 
marmo nero / grimmia pulvinata 

serpentino green marble/nelumbo nucifera 
verde marinace/asplenium trichomanes 

portugal pink marble/cornus kousa 
pink onyx / ganoderma applanatum

carrara marble / feather

variable dimensions

Ossimori is a project in progress, an endless archive that relates heterogeneous and natural elements. On the one hand there is the eternal part, on the other the ephemeral part, the plants. The elements are exhibited by the end of their lifecycle; stones come from stones production scraps, plants have undergone a dehydration process up to become permanent. Observation and research work aims to fuse the two elements getting new visual balances which get over the opposite characteristics of vegetable and mineral kingdoms.