2004 - 2014

bronze and red travertine,

10 x 27 x 10 cm each

this small composition represents my idea of the history of sculpture. When I was student I made a small Venus of Milo, in which I provocatively had cut off the head, to set it on one knee.  Being one of my first bronze castings, the sculpture came out full of imperfections and shortcomings. For me, that little newborn sculpture and so strongly already lived, represented a work of recovered archeology; the archeology of the sense of sculpture itself. 10 years later, observing this old work and continuing to reflect on the idea of time, sculpture and materials, I took a new step. I juxtaposed to the small bronze a stone parallelepiped, with the same size as the sculpture. The stone volume is immediately became a sculpture, this time contemporary and minimal. Stone and bronze are the materials of sculpture, it can easily be said that these two materials constituted the history of sculpture from its origins until today.